UMortgage Launches the Partnership Playbook to Help Loan Originators Drive Business in a Changing Housing Market

July 7, 2022

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UMortgage Launches the Partnership Playbook to Help Loan Originators Drive Business in a Changing Housing Market

How do Loan Originators find success in this industry? A majority of business is directly tied to referrals from real estate agents, title agents, community leaders, past clients, and many others involved in the homebuying process.

The housing industry is currently in a difficult place. Rates are volatile, housing inventory is low, and some mortgage companies are laying off 20%, 50%, and sometimes even 80% of their employees. With the market in flux, some LOs might feel like they’re struggling to find their place within this industry.

UMortgage is committed to providing its LOs a long-term home with resources to help them win deals and build lasting connections within their referral network. While some mortgage companies were cutting their teams in half, UMortgage was busy doubling its team of LOs in Q2

As part of that commitment, UMortgage developed the Partnership Playbook—an ever-growing 55-page document with tactical plays and advice to help grow referral networks, compiled by some of the most successful LOs in the country. 

“What the Playbook does is take our LOs, who are stars with unique individual strengths, and create a constellation of collective knowledge,” said David Higgins, Senior Learning Specialist and one of the driving forces behind the Partnership Playbook. “This tool is for new LOs, experienced LOs, and everyone in between to help give them a platform of success in this industry. In the way that expert sailors navigated the seas via constellations in the past, our LOs will be able to navigate the housing market with these perspectives at their disposal.”

The Partnership Playbook’s contents are built to help UMortgage LOs build stronger referral networks, provide exceptional client experiences, and grow their personal brands. The playbook currently contains 27 plays split among five chapters, and is constantly receiving additions and edits by expert LOs themselves. 

“The constellations we’re building in the Partnership Playbook will only continue to have more stars added to them as UMortgage continues to onboard new LOs,” continued Higgins. “There are some strategies that we haven’t seen yet, some that will change over time, but as we continue to grow and develop as a company, so too will these proverbial constellations.”

When putting these plays into action, UMortgage LOs see an immediate uptick in business. Materials like the Master Your Day worksheet provide small, daily actions that encourage LOs to connect with referral partners, post on social media channels, host events, and much more.

“The Partnership Playbook has helped my business immensely,” said Sam Fulton, a Loan Originator from UMortgage’s Utah branch. “One of the biggest things it has added to me is the point stacking. Posting on social media has always been hard for me to do in the past and it has pushed me to post much more.” 

“Before coming to UMortgage, I hardly ever posted,” continued Fulton. “Point stacking with social media, calling realtors/financial professionals, and meeting with them has been great for my business.”

Overall, the Partnership Playbook promotes the importance of relationship-building as a tool to drive referral business. Throughout the document, there are action items to help encourage LOs to plant seeds and grow their referral networks.

“The Partnership Playbook has been an incredible tool to help me connect with my referral partners and win more business,” said Amir Bally, Branch Manager of The Bally Team and one of UMortgage’s top-producing LOs. “Play #3, ‘Pay it Forward,’ helps provide direct value to our referral partners by just sharing some of the things we do every day. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; sometimes just sharing the things that add value to our jobs can build that bridge and drive business, and that’s what the Playbook helps us do.”

One of UMortgage’s mantras, Relationships Not Transactions, is something that the company and its Team Members live by with every loan. Unlike some of the automated systems which see borrowers as a profit opportunity, UMortgage LOs operate with genuine care for their clients’ financial prosperity. 
If you’re a loan originator who wants to have access to these first-in-class resources, register here for our weekly Discovery Call, happening every Thursday at 2pm EDT.

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