How did we estimate how much you can afford?

Our calculator uses the information you have provided with today’s interest rates to estimate the maximum home price you can afford. Curious to know why some information we requested is important and how everything interacts with each other in the mortgage process? Look no further than our Mortgage 101 blog post where all that info is laid out in simple terms for you.

Find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the terminology?

The mortgage business is chock-full of terminology and jargon that you might’ve gone your whole life without hearing; we get it! Luckily, we have assembled a “mortgage dictionary” of sorts to help with this exact problem.

So you have an idea of what your budget should look like, now what?

Your lender should have all the answers for you, but what are the questions? The mortgage process has many ins and outs, and we want you to be able to navigate through them with a solid understanding of what’s going on. Check out our “Questions to ask your lender” blog post to help you figure out your next steps.

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