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10 Essential Amazon Prime Day Deals For Your LO Sanctuary

July 12, 2022

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10 Essential Amazon Prime Day Deals For Your LO Sanctuary

With a cloud-based POS that can be accessed on the go, UMortgage LOs can win deals from anywhere! Whether you’re working from a traditional office, a home office, or on the road, your workspace should be a place which keeps you focused and comfortable. With Amazon’s Prime Day starting today, we surveyed some of our LOs and team members on their favorite workspace essentials. 

10 Essential Amazon Prime Day Deals For Your Workplace Sanctuary

Ring Light/Selfie Ring Light

Have you ever wondered how that TikTok sensation that keeps popping up on your feed keeps their videos looking so consistent? We’ve got a secret for you, they’re using a ring light. They come in all sizes, so if you’re at home or in the office, try this ring light that stands on a tripod on your desk. On the go? Try this selfie ring light that attaches to your phone!

Phone Tripod

Sure, a stack of books works just fine to prop your phone up when you’re trying to record your next viral TikTok, but let’s be honest, we can do a little better. This adjustable phone tripod will help you feel like Martin Scorcese when you’re directing your next video! 

Laptop Bag

Aside from your personable personality, your computer is your most important tool on the job. When you’re traveling, you want to keep that thing safe! This padded laptop bag will provide an extra layer of protection when you’re on the go.

Desk Caddy

A clean workspace can foster productivity and keep you happier during the daily grind. This desk organizer will make sure the UMortgage-branded pens and pencils, sticky notes, paper clips, notepads, and all of your other UShop accessories are organized and easily accessible. 

Wireless Printer

With new additions constantly being made to the Partnership and  Processor Playbooks, you’re going to need something to print out the handy fillable forms, like the Daily Dash, Master Your Day, and more that are regularly being added. This wireless printer is one of Amazon’s hottest deals this Prime Day!

Travel Tag

Hitting the road and bringing your work with you? Snag this nifty travel tag which uses your business card (like the ones you’re ordering from the UMortgage’s UShop) to make sure your bag is easily identifiable and can make it back into your possession easily if lost!

Laptop Stand

When you’re sitting at your desk all day, good posture can save you from developing a headache. This laptop stand will help you organize your desk and prevent you from hunching over your computer throughout the workday.

Mug Warmer

There are few things worse than your fresh cup of coffee (homemade or from your local cafe) only for it to go cold while you’re in the zone helping your clients. Fret not, this mug warmer will keep your coffee nice and hot!

Wireless Charger

You’ve always got to make sure your phone’s battery has some juice in case you need to make a crucial call to get a loan over the line. This wireless charger can help keep your desk decluttered while providing quick access to a power source.

Portable Space Heater/Desk Fan

Comfort is key when setting up a workspace that fosters productivity. Temperatures are a big variable in the office and on the road. If the A/C is bumping, plug in this portable space heater to warm things up. If you’re somewhere warm, this portable fan plugs right into your computer’s USB port and will supply you with a cool breeze. 

Regardless of where you’re working, UMortgage is dedicated to supporting its LOs. These products above, combined with UMortgage’s cloud-based POS system, will allow you to lock loans from anywhere with an internet connection.

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