5 Reasons Top Loan Officers Are Choosing UMortgage

October 24, 2022

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5 Reasons Top Loan Officers Are Choosing UMortgage

As one of the fastest-growing mortgage platforms, UMortgage is drawing a lot of attention from top industry players, and for good reason. In Q3 of 2022, UMortgage added more than 100 Loan Originators to its community. We’ve asked some of our Loan Originators why they made the switch and compiled their top 5 answers below. 

  1. Our Loan Operations Team Prioritizes Homebuyer Experience 

At a 95.3, UMortgage has the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry! This score is evaluated entirely by clients that have had their loans closed and funded by our top-notch team of loan officers and operations support.

Daniel De La Torre Roffe, Branch Manager of Ultimate Mortgage Team Powered by UMortgage, shares his own experience, “we combine the best of the retail platform – the structure and operations support within a corporate structure – with the product mix and flexible, competitive pricing of the broker side. In my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds.” 

Every step of the process, UMortgage carefully sets expectations for processors, closers, and loan coordinators to expertly handle loan files, support the Loan Originator, and emphasize the client’s experience along the way.

  1. Streamlined Loan Processing Reduces the Clear To Close Timeline

On average, other mortgage companies take 47 days to file a borrower’s loan as cleared to close. When putting the client experience first, it’s important to ensure that their loan closes in a timely manner, and 47 days is far too long! UMortgage’s expert Operations team works in tandem with their Loan Originators to get loans cleared to close in 2 weeks or less.

“Everybody knows the individual role that they play in the process, which raises the standard for performance across the board,” says Kahren Oxner, Branch Manager of UMortgage PNW. “Everybody involved throughout the loan process is rowing the boat in the same direction. I don't view us as members of different teams -  we're all working as a collective towards one unified goal." 

The goal? Provide the best experience possible for every borrower. By cultivating strong relationships with everyone involved in the mortgage process, we ensure a consistent, positive experience for borrowers with a fast closing every time. 

  1. Accessible Loan Options Best Suited for the Borrower

We emphasize relationships over transactions, and that doesn’t stop with the borrower. Our Capital Markets team partners with a multitude of lenders to provide countless loan options with flexible guidelines to work with all of our borrower’s needs. 

Branch Manager Kristen Morgan says this is one of the biggest reasons she made the switch. “I needed to be able to have more reach and more depth to create more opportunities into homeownership for my borrowers. Previously, I didn’t have access to that optionality.”

Whether they’re searching for Manufactured Home Loans, non-QM loans, or a Veteran looking for a VA Home Loan, our Loan Originators have complete access to an arsenal of loan products to get potential homebuyers into their dream home. 

  1. Innovative Technology Brings Loan Originators and Homebuyers Together  

UMortgage Loan Originators have complete access to our mobile-first, web-based tech stack from anywhere in the country. Whether in office or on-the-go, the Loan Originator has the freedom to check loan files, make changes, and provide updates to their borrower from anywhere. 

We have a responsive tech team accessible to Loan Originators to offer suggestions, updates, and process improvements to enhance the experience for both borrowers and LOs. 

“There have been several rounds of updates that made a measurable difference in my user experience,” shares David Meek, UMortgage Loan Originator. “I would make similar suggestions at other companies that used Encompass and the response was more like, well, that’s just the way it is - deal with it!”

An innovative platform provides Loan Originators with the tools and accessibility to connect with their borrowers at the touch of a button and provide a client-first experience every time. 

  1. Loan Officers Have Full Insight Into UMortgage

UMortgage’s culture is built on radical transparency. From your first interaction with us, we provide insight into our own company margins, processing fees, and the flexible compensation plans that are available to you. De La Torre Roffe says it best, “it was completely different than the retail environment where you don’t know what the margins are or how they’re being sent. At UMortgage, you get to see where the money is being allocated.”

If you’re a Loan Originator looking to grow your business with the support of the UMortgage platform, join us for our Weekly Discovery Meeting which happens every Thursday at 2 pm ET!

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