Loan Originators benefit from UMortgage’s Proactive Approach

January 11, 2022

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Loan Originators benefit from UMortgage’s Proactive Approach

If there’s one thing that mortgage loan originators have learned over the past two years, it’s that opportunity for thriving success is always out there for the taking – provided they have access to the right tools, training programs and marketing platforms to sustain their business over cycles.

That part about having access is the real qualifier, though, as many mortgage brokerages don’t have the headcount or financial resources to make it happen on their own. On top of that, they simply don’t have the time for it, as they are consistently heads-down, focused on supporting their clients and finding new business.

For so many brokers, there’s a real need for a back-end support system that can provide them with extra bandwidth, not only to support them in the near-term, but to position them for continued growth in the long-term. That’s why Philadelphia-based UMortgage has been the solution that several top loan originators have turned to as they position themselves for a shrinking originations environment that is heavy on purchases.

UMortgage, led by its founder and chief executive officer Anthony Casa, has positioned itself as a sort of corporate hub for some of the nation’s fastest-growing broker-owners who have incorporated their brokerages under the UMortgage corporate umbrella. By doing this, it provides these shops amplified access to competitive pricing, modern cloud-based technology, centralized loan originator support, fast purchase-centric operations, and a variety of end-to-end training experiences.

“We have invested in UMortgage with the purpose of essentially being a one-stop shop for every bit of support that loan originators and their brokerages need to excel in any market,” said Anthony Casa, CEO of UMortgage. “Whether it’s technology, marketing, training, and recruiting, UMortgage gives brokers the tools of big retail that they need to continue powering the message that brokers are better.”

That approach has already attracted some of the nation’s top loan originators and their respective teams:

·         Amer Bally, President of The Bally Team in Troy, Michigan

·         Matt Gouge, Branch Manager of Matt The Mortgage Guy in Sacramento, California

·         Jimmy Hobson and Kyle Koller, Branch Managers of UMortgage Utah

·         Kahren Oxner, Branch Manager of UMortgage Pacific Northwest in Wilsonville, Oregon

To learn more about the reasons why so many top-producing loan originators are incorporating their companies under the UMortgage umbrella, we sat down to discuss the strategy with the aforementioned leaders. The interview questions and responses are edited for length.

HousingWire: Having a mortgage brokerage that was already experiencing a lot of success, what made you want to join UMortgage?

Amer Bally: My mentality and philosophy when it comes to business is to never get comfortable. There’s always more that can be done, and things that can be done better to support clients. Incorporating our shop with UMortgage helps us do that. Anthony’s passion for brokers and his vision for the industry mesh very well with our team’s outlook, and UMortgage provides a framework and model that is incredibly beneficial. It’s similar to the way Uber supports its employees. Uber drivers don’t have to source customers because the company’s technology and automation does it for them. UMortgage is set up to do the same thing for loan originators. They support us with the technology, the training, the marketing, the recruiting, and so much more. Our team can focus on doing what we’ve always done - doing right by our customers.

HW: What technologically appealed to you about working with UMortgage?

Matt Gouge: First and foremost, we align with UMortgage insanely well, in terms of a mutual commitment to educating consumers on financial literacy. Beyond that, the technology systems and platforms they provide are really icing on the cake for me personally. You can tell that UMortgage was built with brokers in mind. The tech stack, LOS and CRM that uses automation to support scalable business models have delivered a major boost to our business. I imagined everything being much easier, and it truly hasn’t disappointed. 

HW: How has your business improved from the standpoint of training and recruiting since you’ve partnered with UMortgage?

Jimmy Hobson: When we joined UMortgage, our team grew significantly overnight, without any additional overhead costs on our end. I think most mortgage brokerages out there want to grow to power their businesses, but with the size of most shops, you really only have the time and resources to focus on the task at hand. Your paycheck, your livelihood, depends on producing, so you don’t have time to commit to training your people or launching extensive recruiting campaigns. UMortgage has our back with that stuff, so we can keep our attention on our customers.

Kyle Koller: You can’t overstate how valuable it is for a mortgage broker shop of any size to have that additional support. The training and recruiting support are huge for our company’s continued growth. It really feels like we’re simultaneously preparing and thinking big-picture for the future without diverting any of our focus from the day-to-day business demands and opportunities. UMortgage’s operations team is our operations team. Their marketing team is our marketing team. We have such a stronger reach now, in terms of connecting with new clients and reconnecting with past ones.  

HW: Based on your experience, what kind of potential does UMortgage offer loan originators in terms of marketing and business development?Kahren Oxner: Since joining UMortgage in September, our team has already felt such a strong boost. It’s a night-and-day difference in mindset and confidence, so to speak. We are just as committed and focused in attacking our workload every day, except now we have such great technology and so many hard-working people supporting us behind the scenes. We’ve really benefited from UMortgage’s proactive model to optimize our loan originators, connecting us with local real estate agents that ultimately source our customers. It pays big dividends to have the backing of a bigger company like UMortgage to compete with large retail brands when it comes to awareness and prospecting new customers. I always say that I’d rather earn 70% of $10 million than 90% of 1 million - that’s what UMortgage offers me.

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