UMortgage Unveils Q1 Goals, Priorities, & Deliverables

January 5, 2023

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UMortgage Unveils Q1 Goals, Priorities, & Deliverables

Following a massive year of growth capped by big-name additions in the month of December, UMortgage signaled its intent to continue to grow and develop its innovative platform after announcing its new Q1 Goals, Priorities, and Deliverables to kick off 2023. Each of these goals aims to fuel the continued growth of the UMortgage platform and aligns with its vision to create life-changing opportunities through homeownership.

UMortgage's 2023 Q1 Goals


Since UMortgage was founded in 2020, it has been committed to the evergreen resolution to Get Better Every Day. While every goal listed in this blog falls under the umbrella of individual and collective development, a high level of Report Up engagement will provide direct avenues for the company to continue to grow through transparent feedback and thoughtful solutions.


UMortgage is always looking to invest in the best and brightest stars of the mortgage lending industry. The goal to reach 500 total Loan Originators by the end of Q1 stays consistent with UMortgage’s commitment to continue to grow while also forecasting month-over-month business.

Concurrently, a growing roster of LOs will theoretically increase the number of communities that UMortgage is able to impact. Together with that goal is a goal of 1,000 total homeowners served, which directly feeds into UMortgage’s vision to create life-changing opportunities through homeownership.


UMortgage and its team of LOs have built their businesses by prioritizing Relationships, Not Transactions in their local communities. Onboarding new LOs can help reach those communities but retaining its team of loan originators through strong relationships and support ensures that the platform continues to maintain those communities across the nation.

To properly measure the impact our LOs make in their communities, UMortgage has also set benchmarks for total credit pulls and total loans locked in the quarter. Credit pulls are a leading indicator that allows UMortgage to predict the potential volume of locks across the following 30 days and total loans locked helps monitor progress on the evergreen goal of increased loan origination volume.  


For UMortgage, Experience is Everything. This includes the client experience, realtor experience, and even the loan originator experience. The smoothest possible loan process is one of the aspects that makes UMortgage stand out against its competitors, making the goals under the #ExperienceIsEverything umbrella paramount to the success of the organization.

Faster cycle times are one of the most noticeable ways to foster a greater client experience. As UMortgage improves its operational processes, it has set the goal to maintain a 12-day cycle time from App Complete to CTC by the end of Q1. The measure of a better client experience can be seen directly with a high Net Promoter Score (NPS).

UMortgage has maintained a best-in-class NPS above 90 since Q2 of 2022 and will aim to maintain a score above 93 in Q1 of 2023. To ensure that the LO experience remains the best in the industry, UMortgage has created a LO-specific NPS survey and will aim to achieve a score above 90 for the quarter.


To continue to promote accountability and improve every day, UMortgage prioritizes the ability to Own the Moment. Credit pull-to-funded pull-through and lock-to-funded pull-through metrics measure UMortgage’s operational efficiency and will help improve these processes throughout the quarter.

Additionally, a lower active loan escalation rate will allow the organization to identify the types and frequencies of escalations received week-over-week. These evaluations will help identify real-time coaching opportunities which may shed more light on Report Up & peer-to-peer themes.

Finally, to keep the company accountable in achieving these goals that have been set, UMortgage will aim to accomplish 90% of the deliverable commitments completed during the prior quarter. This is a metric that reflects how well UMortgage was able to forecast projects that impacted the business, allocate the right resources towards these goals, and stay committed and focused on the delivery of these goals.

At the Executive Leadership level, it’s crucial that the company continues to spend the right time, money, and resources on projects that will continue to help UMortgage grow and develop into the best mortgage platform for loan originators, real estate agents, and borrowers.

If you’d like to learn more about the UMortgage platform and its big plans for 2023, sign up for the weekly UMortgage Discovery Call which occurs every Thursday at 2pm EDT.

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